The Bar Council

Does the Bar Association approve that lawyers rent out private property without the owner's approval for their own gain and is this a future billion business for lawyers?
When the Bar Council approves that lawyers rent out another man's property without informing the rightful owner of the condominium, does that mean a general approval from the bar association to 
its members so that they can rent out all private condominiums for their own gain ?
For example, can returning IS warriors with the help of lawyers live in the cooperative housing association and get a new health insurance certificate and passport. The population register in Denmark is 
not always linked to the correct population register, so people who want to live in hiding from the police and other authorities can easily settle in for example Odense. This with support from the Bar Council.
Lawyers can arrange burglary in cooperative flats in order to be able to rent these out without the consent of the owner, but with the Bar Council's acceptance.
Perhaps the Bar Council believes that the immunity from Danish criminal law that the Folketing gave the Danish Bar Association 
in connection with the legal settlement on company eviction, which took place in the years from 1987 to 1994, still applies 
here in 2021. This immunity only applies to theft of state money and non-criminal activities against private individuals.